Quentin Collins

Trumpet - Flugelhorn / Composer - Arranger / Educator



da Carbo Instruments: Effortless music-making

Quentin Collins is proud to be a member of the da Carbo instruments family, playing the Unica Bb trumpet.

da Carbo makes wind instruments from carbon fiber compounds, making it possible to suppress those vibrations in the tube that simply waste energy. da Carbo can stiffen the bore walls in selected spots and in certain directions, or even make them comparatively softer – an enormous gain in freedom compared to the possibilities of traditional materials. It also becomes feasible to make certain parts of the instrument more rigid without increasing mass or weight.
Instrument-makers, engineers, acoustic designers and musicians have worked together intensively to develop a trumpet which is remarkably easy to play yet produces a warm and rounded tone.


Brand Mundstucke Mouthpieces

Quentin Collins is the proud endorser of the innovative Brand Mundstucke mouthpieces for trumpets and flugelhorns.

Inspired by trumpeters, supported by instrument makers, developed by experts, tested by professionals and brought to market by resellers. This is the brief story of Brand Mundstücke mouthpieces.

Michu Brand, a former sales director in a plastics engineering company as well as an enthusiastic trumpeter/trumpet player, was inspired by his hobby and had the idea that professionally developed mouthpieces made of plastic are accepted on the market.

No sooner said than done! Michu started Brand Mundstucke and never looked back.